May 5, 2016

Serious Praise Report!

Today, we have specifically been praying for our appointment with MD Anderson to be scheduled quickly. There is a fairly lengthy process involved in being accepted. God put it on Dr. Gummadi’s heart to reach out to me exactly when I needed him and he was able to send the info they needed. We just continued to pray that they would call us today. 10 minutes ago, the Oncologist that helped us so much at the hospital, called me and he was emailing back and forth with the Head of Neurosurgery at MD Anderson. He is personally reviewing our case, was asking questions and was very engaged. My doctor was very confident that we will get in next week. Praise God. Our hearts are so encouraged right now…I can’t even tell you.

So, now we are specifically praying that we can go Monday or Tuesday. And the next hurdle will be insurance. We are not sure if our insurance will approve us to go there. We can’t be sure about that step until after we get our appointment. So, please, friends, pray that our insurance will approve it. I feel very sure they will because God has done so many miracles already. I could write a book of stories just from what has happened in 2 days.

We love you all so much!!!!!

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