Encouraged by you

May 5, 2016

My heart is literally about to burst with joy and hope. All 5 of us are so encouraged today. Clay and I had some sweet time together this morning and got some business taken care of. We had such sweet visitors all afternoon. Family, friends, church family. It was awesome. All the while, God was parting seas and doing miracles to get us to MDA. He literally did 4 miracles today and at least 5 little things that were so awesome. I want to tell you everything because I’m so excited to be able to see these great things, but honestly, we are sleepy and I’m going to bed. We are going to sleep with peace and joy. I want you to know that your prayers are effective. God is holding us, helping us, guiding us, teaching us, molding us, and using us. We could already write a book with the stories.

I want so badly to reply to every message. Please know that I’m reading them all and I’m reading them to clay. We are so encouraged by you.

Our prayer now is for insurance coverage at MDA and our apt to be set for early in the week. Pray for continued wisdom. God has answered your prayers. You are moving heaven on our behalf and we love you so deeply for it. Goodnight.


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