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September 30, 2016

Yesterday was Clay’s second infusion of Avastin. Because the first MRI after radiation and chemo showed that the tumor had grown slightly, even during treatment, the doctors all agreed that adding an additional drug was the right decision.

Avastin works by preventing your body from producing blood vessels. The tumor is vascular, so that’s how it grows. The side effects are possible high blood pressure, tiredness, and some nausea.

We arrived at the Oncologist’s office at 9:45. We did blood work and saw the doctor. Y’all, Clay’s blood work looks completely normal. With all of this going on, all of these drugs in his system, and his blood work is normal….including his white blood cell count. I’m so thankful that he doesn’t have to wear a mask and be cautious about his environment. Praise God.

While we were sitting in the waiting room, this precious lady, who is obviously on chemo, comes over to me. She touches my hand and says, “Are you Kristy?” I smile immediately, because I know what she’s about to say. She is a friend of a friend and she reads the blog. Of course, tears streamed down my face while she told me how the Lord had used it to minister to her during this time. Here they are, Lewis and Karen Decell:


The doctor’s office had changed some procedures, so we had an unusually long wait. But, I think the Lord planned it because He wanted us to have 45 minutes with this sweet couple. Karen has cancer in several places in her body. They have 2 young boys that she is very concerned for. I’ll never forget looking in to her tear-filled eyes when she said, “I’m not afraid for me. I know where I’m going. I’m worried about leaving Lewis and my boys.”

Clay says this all the time. It is interesting how their view of the situation is mostly about their loved ones, and not about themselves. I guess that’s just part of the process when you are saved and you know that God is in control.

Please pray for Karen and Lewis. They are in need of a miracle. Their faith is strong, but their situation is very difficult. Pray that God will continue to give them strength in this fight and that they will be able to live out their faith in front of the watching world.

After we visited with them for 45 minutes, we got to the chemo room, and Chris and Jenna were saving us a recliner right next to them.


Jenna and I pulled up chairs by their feet and the four of us just talked the entire time.

I don’t know if you remember, but I typed a blog while we were sitting at the last treatment. That was a really bad day for me. I cried all morning because Clay didn’t feel good. I felt really out of place in the chemo room and I sat on the floor, which was really uncomfortable. I was just sad. The Lord encouraged me while I typed the blog, but it was a hard day.

Yesterday was totally different.

Clay is better than he was because they put him back on steroids. And, although this is not the place you want to see your friends, it sure does help to be surrounded by Christian friends while we are sitting in such a dark place. We talked about the Lord all morning and the things He has done. There is a true anticipation inside of all of us for what God is still going to do.

Chris got really good news last week with his CT Scan. His tumor has shrunk in half already. He is not feeling well, but they are very encouraged by the results. Praise God! I’m thankful to have friends who are walking by our side.


We went to the eye doctor for a follow up visit. Clay’s vision has not changed. His left peripheral vision is still completely black, meaning it is gone, and his general eyesight is about a 20/50. Glasses may or may not help because the problem is really in his brain, not his eyes. So, we looked and thought about getting some readers, which would have to be prescription because the lenses are different for each eye.

When he tried these glasses on, he turned to look in the mirror and busted out laughing. He said, “Oh my gosh! I look just like Steve!” Steve is Clay’s older brother. This was funny because everyone has always said Clay looks just like Ron. (Which he does.) But, with glasses he looks just like Steve. He tried on 2 pair and said, “Let’s wait.” Hahahaha. So, we didn’t get glasses.


We did something really hard this week. We went to the first funeral we’ve attended since Clay’s diagnosis. My cousin’s mother-in-law passed away and we didn’t want to miss the service. But, I knew it would be difficult to go. I was running that morning and I was praying about the day. Asking the Lord for strength to go there and focus on Jason and Amy, and not let our situation even enter my mind. I was praying for Clay and his treatment this week, when I came across this….


A dead snake. Not just dead. Decapitated. It looked like someone really had fun killing it, too. As soon as I saw it, the Holy Spirit reminded me that the head of my enemy has been taken off. He is dead. My God has won already. The last chapter of this book is already written. God is the Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End. That means He is already there at the end. He knows what happens. And, He told us in Revelation.

We win. The enemy dies. He is not strong enough. So, that means he’s already overcome. So, I can live this life in victory. I don’t have to live in defeat.

I don’t have to sit in a funeral and think about how this might be me soon. I don’t have to cry and mourn and believe the worst about our situation. And, I don’t have to stay home. I don’t have to stay away because it might be hard. I can go and trust God to give me the strength.

And, of course, He did. The service was beautiful. An old family friend of our’s, Brother Wayne Austin, preached and it was wonderful. I got to see most of my family and we got to be there to support Amy and Jason. Throughout the service, the Lord just spoke to me about life, and me, and the lost, and His presence. I enjoyed it.

Clay was right there, holding my hand. My crazy cousin, Andy, was on the other side of me making me laugh at the just the right times to keep me from crying. So, it all worked out good.

God is bigger than our feelings. He is more powerful than our emotions. He is a good and loving Father who comforts us when we need comforting. I am so thankful to know Him and to walk through this life with His strength and His power.

Grace’s volleyball season is in full swing. They are doing very well and she is having a great year. She is the varsity setter! We love watching her play. Clay has been to most of her games. He has a really difficult time with loud noises, so it is not easy for him to go. But, he does it anyway. He’s been wearing ear phones to the past few games, which seems to help drown out some of the louder noises. He feels rude because he seems detached, but I keep reminding him that people understand. So, all you parents that see us at the games, please don’t think Clay is rude! (Smile)


This happens a lot right now. Clay has been extremely tired. I had hoped that the Avastin and Steroids would make him better, but they haven’t. He sleeps a lot and is tired when he’s awake. So, we just spend a lot of time in the room with him. Thankfully, he is able to rest.

We just finished a revival at our church. It was a beautifully timed event for us. God really moved and He spoke directly to us through several different ministers who were there. A friend of mine took these pics from one of the services. I love the picture of Clay and his dad, surrounded by other Godly men, praying. Really praying for God to move.

As my dad was leaving the pew to go join them, he stopped to hug me and he just didn’t stop. He prayed over me like only a dad can pray for their little girl. His tears were running down my cheek as he cried and prayed for God to protect me and help me.

I share these pictures to encourage you, men. Don’t be afraid to cry and pray. Call out to God on behalf of your families. Let them hear you pray. Let them see you cry for them. Make sure they know how much you love them and how much you are asking God to strengthen them. It is such a blessing to have Godly men in my life.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our family. We are asking God for strength in Clay’s body. I’m praying this round of Avastin will help him. He will start back on his chemo pill this coming Sunday night. We are told that the side effects will last longer and be a bit harder each time he takes it. So, I’m expecting the next few weeks to be difficult. But, I know God will help him.

We go next Wednesday for another MRI. Dr. Weinberg asked us to have one only a month after the first. We will go in the morning for the test and get the results just after lunch. We are praying that it gone. But, if it’s not gone, we are praying that there is no new growth. Of course, I will update you when we know something.

We love you and pray that God will continue to receive glory.



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  1. Marcelle says:

    I want to continue to thank you for allowing us all to be a part of your daily life! Although I don’t express it often, it means so much to me and blesses me beyond measure! Love y’all! Marcelle

  2. Lisa Oivanki says:

    Hey Kristy,
    Have been so swamped with school starting again I have not had a chance to post anything. I have been reading all of your blog posts and continue to pray for you, Clay, and the family. Will keep you in prayer on October 5th.

  3. psalm40blog says:

    Sometimes I expect to feel really sad reading these posts but instead I just feel more in awe of God who sustains so mightily and loves so perfectly.
    Love you all so much.

  4. Amy Hammontree says:

    Super glad I read this blog this morning!
    Esp the paragraph about victory and how that reality makes all the difference in our thought life as we go to funerals and encounter other situations that may trigger feelings of impending sorrow and grief.

    My husband is not doing well. So much pain. His MRI Monday. He is surviving an aggressive cancer in his head. The balance of going on with life as usual and not making commitments due to the unknown is a mental trial for me.
    What you shared helped redirect my thoughts.
    Thank you Kristy! Praying for you and your family today

    Amy Hammontree

  5. DeLin says:

    Hi Kristy, we’ve never met but we have a lot of common friends and our husbands were best buds in 1st grade at Belligrath Elementary. My mom was just recently diagnosed with the same brain cancer as your husband. Me and my family live in Virginia,otherwise I would have attended Mrs Jackies services. Jason and I have been good friends since high school. I enjoy reading your blog, I’m really struggling with all this , trying to have faith but yet not be in denial at the same time. Praying for Clay and all of you!

    • I understand that struggle. In fact, it is one of the things I think about the most. I’ve prayed so many times for God to protect us from missing a miracle. Sometimes I get confused between peace and a lack of faith. But, I just remember that I’m trusting in the Lord. He loves us too much to let us miss something. If we are surrendering our lives and our will to Him, He will help us. Did you read the blog about Gethsemane? It might really help you. Much love and prayers!

  6. Kay Foreman says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my brother, Louis and his precious wife, Karen. She passed away peacefully a few days ago, with family by her side. I stumbled across this blog and was so delighted to see that you met Karen. As she mentioned, she did fear death. But what she may not have mentioned is that there is an entire village of people (family, friends, church members) who are willing and able to help take care of Louis and the boys. Godspeed to you and your family.

    Kay Foreman

    • Kay, I’m so sorry that Karen passed. I’ve wondered about her. I’m praying that God sustains Louis and the boys. He certainly loves them and wants them to see Him at work in their lives. Life is so hard. I hope that they find their peace and comfort in Jesus. Thank you so much for writing me.

  7. Kay Foreman says:

    I noticed a typo in my post. It should have said she did NOT fear death and that spirit was exhibited by her in her final days. This gave us all so much peace when she passed on to the arms of our Lord. She was able to say goodbye to Louis, Max and Mickey. I hate that she left us so soon, but I love that she was able to do so with such God given grace and dignity.