Thy Will Be Done

September 8, 2016

This morning as we prepare to go to the doctor for Clay’s MRI, the lyrics of this chorus just keep running through my mind.


I don’t know any other words, but “Thy Will Be Done.” So I just keep singing that part over and over in my head.

That is truly how I feel. My heart desires the will of God. No matter what that is. I pray that His will is complete healing, but I trust Him.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Clay say, “I trust Him.” He is at complete peace. He slept like a baby last night. Total peace. Even on medicine that can hinder sleep. Not him. He is at complete peace.

The Lord reminded me this morning, through the Psalms, that He is a victor. He is a mighty warrior, and He always wins. He wins in ways we don’t understand and He wins in ways that the world can’t take credit for.

From the very beginning, my heart longed for Clay’s healing to come through a miraculous miracle. Not just through medicine. We both have this overwhelming desire for God to receive glory and for the watching world to see what our God is capable of doing.

So, I trust in Him this morning, that His will is going to be done and His name is going to be praised.

My phone has been going off all morning with text messages from so many of you telling me that you are praying. God is hearing you. I know He is. Thank you for lifting us up and encouraging us. We love you.

My kitchen counter is a beautiful reminder this morning of God’s love for me, the Hope I have in Him, and Purity that is found in Him. Thank you, Lisa Mc, for loving me so much to send this amazing display.


And, on my arm, is a constant reminder of the work God has done through our story, and that this life is about the destination…heaven. Thank you, Amanda, Jimmy and Summer. I’ll look at these bracelets several times this morning and think of you, and give thanks to God.


Thank you, again, for your love and prayers. God is with us. We feel Him. Amen.

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  1. Kaylene Hand says:

    Praying praying lifting you up before your Father who loves u so beyond what we can understand and comprehend

  2. Colleen Perkins says:

    Praying for you all in Lafayette. We lift up your cares, worries and burdens that his continued grace and peace be yours. Praying for a miracle knowing that you have already received his greatest miracle, salvation and his promise of heaven. Thank you for helping us all feel the presence of the Lord, in your life and in ours.

  3. Jay Hilton says:

    Praying for ya’ll this morning. Praying for God’s healing in Clay’s body. Your blog has truly been an inspiration to me. Prayers and hugs!

  4. Janice Broussard says:

    God Bless
    praying for you both

  5. Melissa Chiquet says:

    Sending up prayers to the heavens and to my wonderful savior this morning. He is letting me know today that He is listening and sees just how many people adore you and Clay. Praying for peace and understanding with whatever today’s results bring ❤️

  6. Chris Rome says:

    We love yall very much and pray specifically for each one of you every day. I know His will will be done!

  7. Dorette says:

    I used to single this when in youth choir. Still do and I cannot explain when or why it pops up in my Head. It’s ‘The Lords prayer’.