Quick Flood Update

August 19, 2016


Clay and I are sitting at the doctor’s office waiting on blood work results and this is literally the first time since Friday that I’ve had a chance to update this blog. I wish I had more time to update you with the things the Lord has been showing me during the tragedy we are living in, but I’ll have to be very short and sweet for now.


First, our house did not flood. We were trapped in the neighborhood from Friday evening to Tuesday at noon but we didn’t get water. It was literally all around us but the hedge of protection around our home proved true! Thank you, Jesus! The above pic is Clay sitting on our neighbors front yard looking at the neighborhood he grew up in completely under water. Our house backs up to this yard.

We were able to take in neighbors who flooded and my cousin who flooded. Praise God we had enough food for 16 people and 3 dogs for several days.




Clay’s office is a total loss, which is insignificant in light of all the other loss.

My parent’s house had 18″ of water, my grandmother lost everything to 5′ of water, their precious gift shop in Denham had a foot of water, my aunt and cousin had losses, too. Β The devastation is all around us. We’ve been working and cleaning for days and our house has become a shelter for my family.

So, in the midst of chaos, we are sitting in the Oncology office surrounded by people fighting cancer. Their fight goes on, even in the midst of the floods. It gives me a very different perspective on the situation.

Clay’s symptoms have been bad the past week. He started having pressure headaches on Friday and he has been very confused. He describes it like he is in a fog constantly. Dr. Russell started him on steroids because he thinks Clay is experiencing some swelling from the radiation which is making the symptoms so bad.

We got to visit with Dr. Russell today and it made me feel much better. He said he’s not worried about Clay working in the mold and bacteria infested houses and he thinks the symptoms will improve over the next month.

The MRI is scheduled for Sept 8 at 10 am. We will review the results with him immediately. That MRI will tell us a lot. I’m relieved to know it is scheduled and we have plenty to distract us while we wait for the 8th to arrive. We picked up Clay’s signed mask, which I think I’ll hang in a very promonant place for a while. It’s a great reminder of God’s goodness.


Thank you for your concern and your love. Pray for Louisiana and our impacted family members. God is at work and I believe He is proving Himself to us right now. Shine bright and let His glory be revealed through your lives right now. These moments of trial are our greatest opportunity to show the world the power of our God!

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  1. Lisa Oivanki says:

    I just got my internet back over the weekend and was checking to see if you and your family were all right. I am sorry that Clay is having problems, but know that God will bring you through this. I know the headaches have to put you more on edge because those were Clay’s first symptoms. However, God is good and I know you will be able to deal with whatever is happening.

    My son who is a ecological restoration forester working in the Florida panhandle has access to hydrology data that the general public does not. He said our area, the Watson/Central corridor, received 31.29 inches of rain, the most of any area in South Louisiana, more than 4 inches more than any other area. That is why Central and Watson flooded so badly. I am so sorry to learn of all the losses in your family.

    If your family needs assistance or help, please go to Faith Crossing United Methodist Church’s Facebook page. They have information on work crews which will be arriving shortly to help people gut houses and then later to do remodeling work. All they need is the address and a phone number where they can be reached. There is an e-mail address where you can send the information. Perhaps some more assistance will help ease the stress of the cleanup for you and your family.

    Know that I am continuing to pray for all of you. Thank you for being such a great inspiration for so many people. Will especially pray on August 8th.

  2. Diane & Gene Kressman says:

    So happy to hear yall did not flood. We did & my husband Gene is still in the hospital with kidney failure. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME…DURING FLOODS & RAINBOWS! Our prayers continue as you fight the fight!

  3. Risa says:

    My heart and thoughts have been with you as I worried about you all and the floods. I am currently in DS with my parents that live in Paradise Lakes. Or should I say LIVED in P.L. They, like everyone in the subdivision, lost everything. We are here to help them as much as possible rebuild their home. THe one thing we do not need to do is rebuild their faith in Jesus. THe flood did not take that! God is so good and he has blessed us throughout this time. May He continue to hold you in the palm of His hand and look upon you as His most precious treasure.

  4. Hi, Kristy! I have been so blessed by your blog & just realized I have been missing your posts… I haven’t read since the flood! So here I am catching up. Betsy Smith is a good friend of mine, and she told me how your house didn’t get water but was surrounded by it, and we talked about when your church surrounded your house in prayer! So awesome that hedge of protection kept the water out too. πŸ™‚ We didn’t flood but my parents did & so many friends. It truly is devastating! I have been continuing to pray for your sweet family. Two more quick things I have been meaning to tell you since reading your blog! #1 I work at BRG, right next to MRI & had told our MRI techs about your family. When Clay was first diagnosed I mentioned it to them & showed them your blog. I think they were pretty amazed seeing your faith & seeing your church praying over y’all at your house. When y’all returned (after MD Anderson, I believe) they told y’all how they had a coworker who had told them about y’all – that was me! Haha. I tried to comment this on the post where you mentioned it but then wordpress made me log in & when I came back, my comment was gone! LOL. So anyway. #2 is I remember you from Victory Academy. πŸ™‚ My sister, Michelle, & I went there I think at the same time you did. (Michelle & Melissa Perry) So even though we don’t know each other well, I feel like I know y’all with that connection & with you being friends with Betsy! Haha. So if I ever see you at BRG, please forgive me if I attack y’all with a hug! πŸ˜‰ (Just kidding – I am way too shy to do that!!) Continuing to pray for Clay & the entire family. <3

    • We have an MRI on Oct 5. If you are working, please come say hi. I would love to meet you. Thank you for writing me. I always wondered who showed them the blog. We feel at home at the General. Everyone is so nice and they all remember us. It’s really wonderful. Thank you for praying for us and following the story. You should send me a friend request so we are connected in FB and you can see the posts directly. Thank you. I hope to meet you soon!

      • melissavenable says:

        I certainly will! Thank you so much. I am having a minor surgery on October 3 but if I am back to work on the 5th I’ll come say hi! πŸ™‚ So glad you are having a good experience at BRG. HUGS!