Brain Surgery, What??

May 14, 2016


Well, Clay is now one of the few people I know that can say he has had brain surgery. We came to MDA with very little hope and we certainly did not expect surgery this fast. We didn’t even bring any clothes to the hospital with us yesterday. We fully expected to see the doctor and then have a few other appointments and go back to the hotel.

The situation became an emergency very quickly. From the time we arrived at 10:30, to the time they admitted Clay to the ER at 1:00, he had significantly declined. He started to look sick, which had not happened yet. The doctor recognized that we didn’t have much time and told me that he would slip into a coma before too long so the surgery was needed immediately. Dr. Gummadi comforted me with his voice of agreement and we consented. 12 hours later they were taking him to the OR for a craniotomy. A large team of doctors and nurses surrounded him as they wheeled him away. I had a total peace that he would be fine.

Then the wait began. They gave updates every 2 hours. Ben was our little timer. He would watch the clock and say, “Mom, it’s almost time for an update.” The staff was wonderful. The doctor even asked about us! At around 3, I guess, they came to get me because Clay was having a hard time waking up. I was able to go in and help them calm him down. I actually wasn’t much help, which was disappointing. He wanted out of the bed and was confused. The meds finally wore off and he settled down. When I came back in and got close to his face, his eyes look up and he said, in the sweetest voice, “Heeeyyyy.” That made me feel so much better.

We were in recovery for a while. The kids could only see him for a minute. It was hard for them to see their dad in the bed. He has a huge bandage on his head but otherwise he looks normal. They handled it all very well. I know I keep saying this, but my kids are amazingly strong.

Dr. Weinberg is the top neurosurgeon at MDA. All the others work for him. MDA is the top cancer hospital in the world. So, I just kept thanking God yesterday that we were in the most capable human hands possible. Of course, all of this is in God’s hands, but if He is going to use a partner to help with Clay’s situation, He picked a pretty good one! I’m overwhelmed to think that we got the best surgeon in the world. Well, he lived up to high expectations. This picture is the before and after.




The left picture is the MRI from BR. Look how big that thing is! The cysts were like water balloons. All the white that you see is cancer. The dark spots within the white is fluid. The cancer cells were producing the fluid. The mass on the right was blocking the spinal fluid from draining out of the brain and causing strong pressure headaches. The surgeon expected to be able to remove most of the mass on the right, which would release the fluid and pressure. But, he didn’t expect to get to the left.

Look at the after pic on the right! Look! All that dark space, that was white before, is empty space where he removed 80% of the tumor. He got way over to the left hand side and was able to drain those cysts and remove a good portion of the cancer. It is a miracle. We prayed God would guide the surgeon’s hands and he answered our prayer in abundance. Even the doc was surprised at the success. That’s because all of you were praying so hard.

The next step is for Clay to recover. They say the worst part will be the incision, which is a question mark shaped incision that covers the right side of his head. When I showed the kids how big it is, Grace said, “That’s ok. It will be a constant reminder of what God did.” Amen. I love that girl.

We actually slept pretty  good. My body couldn’t go anymore so we slept hard. The staff has been wonderful. Clay woke up and had breakfast in bed…spoiled! He has bathed and walked the floor already. Right now he’s sitting in his portable rocking chair provided by Jimmy Cook! He is having some delusions that are providing entertainment. The doctors reassure us constantly that it is totally normal so we’ve started laughing about it. He’s been making lots of jokes and is handling it all very well.

We are still taking this one day at a time. We are loving Jesus and thanking him for all the miracles along the way and we are trusting Him to continue to hold us in His hands. The doctor says there is no cure for this. The surgery is a temporary removal that bought us time. We will begin exploring treatment options and clinical trials in about two weeks once he has recovered. We will believe the report of the Lord and we will continue to give Him glory. It is so obvious that He has orchestrated every step so how could we not trust Him? Thank you for your prayers. Clay and I pray for y’all everyday. Our prayer is that God is working in your life as you see how He is sustaining us through such a difficulty. He is real, guys! He is real. Praise Him today.




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  1. Deborah Heath says:

    To God be the glory! Sending our prayers and love!

  2. Connie Faber says:

    We are praising our Lord for all he is doing in your family’s behalf. He is the great healer. Thank you Lord for looking after this family’s needs, thank you for holding them in your arms while they go through this trying time. We continue to plead the blood of Jesus over Clay and all of his family. We will continue to praise Him and all he has done and will do. To God be the glory, great things He has done. Will continue to pray.

  3. April says:

    God is good!! Your family will be in our prayers. I thought I would share some info that might be interesting forms extra treatment. Not everyone is willing to look into this but if there are no other options it might be worthing looking into. I can’t imagine going through what you are all going through. You are a shining example of amazing faith, thank you.

  4. Wanda efferson says:

    praising God through the storm. He will sustain us. Our God is a mighty God.
    He is the Great Physician.
    Praying for Clay, and his family.

  5. Lisa says:

    So glad to hear he is up and about. God is good.

  6. Melissa LeJeune says:

    Really great news!! We will continue to pray

  7. Amy Rogers says:

    Praise the Lord for the successful surgery.
    I know the doctors will give you info on all of your options, but it is interesting timing that the Neutomedical Center in BR announced a new therapy this week.

  8. Kristi Kressman says:

    I understand exactly how you were feeling as they wheeled him to surgery! I felt the same way when they took my sweet Brianna from me back in August. I felt peace, but she’s my baby, so I was still scared for her. We will praise Him for Clay’s remarkable surgery, as well as continue to pray for doors to open for trials, etc… This battle is the Lord’s, and I cannot wait to see what He’s going to do!! Blessings!!

  9. Myra sharon says:

    Yes he real!! We are believing for a total healing!!

  10. Sherry Zorzi says:

    Be sure to ask about proton therapy to deal with the remainder of the cancer. MDA is one of the few that offer it. It does less collateral damage than other types of radiation. Very important in brain cancers. I can connect you with someone in that area if you have questions.

  11. Phoebe Y Seguin says:

    My husband had 2 brain tumors (cancer) removed in Baton Rouge. Our surgeon was Scott Soleau. And God walked each step with us. The cancer is recurring from Kidney cancer 14 years ago. It went to the lung, the brain, and the back. It has been over a year and the last few scans show no cancer. After the brain cancer surgery Dr. Charles Wood, Radiation Oncologist in Baton Rouge, Zapped the tumor bed with one round of radiation. We continue to be amazed at how awesome God is. We will put your husband on our list of friends battling with cancer. Phoebe Seguin

  12. Delana Morgan says:

    Kristy, this is Delana Cotten. I ran into ur blog bc another friend of mine shared it on FB. I’m sure you remember me from elementary school!! There aren’t that many Delana’s out there! Lol! I wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your husband in Jesus name! The good news comes from above.

  13. Jessica Logsdon says:

    My son plays for the Lugnuts 9u team. Our boys and the Lugnuts family has kept your family in our prayers and we continue to wear our bracelets proudly as a reminder of clay and his fight. Please know you have so many following your updates and many prayers often.
    Sending love and continued prayers,
    From the Logsdon family and all the Louisiana Lugnuts!

  14. Nancy Blount says:

    Kristy, we don’t know each other. I found out about Clay from my son who goes to school with your son, Sam. We have been praying for Clay and your family. I only just found out about your blog a little while ago when my cousin shared on her Facebook page your blog entry about the precious, priceless, Christ-like love that you and Clay share. Thank-you to you and Clay for representing Christ so well! We will continue to pray for Clay, you and your children. Love in Christ, Nancy and Alan Blount

  15. Eli Huggins says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It is indeed encouraging, uplifting and glorifying to OUR LORD JESUS!!!
    Walking with you,
    The Huggins Family
    Friendswood, TX
    (from Baton Rouge in 2010)

  16. Terri Revels says:

    I know Ckay from the bank and am also a client of his. I’ve been following the blog for updates. I know clay is a fine man and has a wonderful family. You r all in my prayers. I put him on the list of a group of prayer warriors , he has many folks praying for him that he doesn’t even know. Tiheres was a new treatment on 60 minutes for the kind of brain cancer he has. Using the polio virus. U may already know about it
    “Tests at Duke University have been so successful that the FDA will make the treatment available to hundreds of patients while it’s still being evaluated for final approval.
    Please let him know y’all are in my prayers.
    The treatment uses the polio virus to attack an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. “

  17. Janice Broussard says:

    Blessing to you all….