May 13, 2016

We arrived at MDA this morning at 10:30 thinking that we would see the doctor and go back to the hotel. Now, over 12 hours later, we are in a room and getting prepped for surgery. We came here  not expecting many options and God is proving that He is in control. 

It’s almost midnight. We just finished a very long MRI. God totally helped Clay through it. Several times I looked up and saw him raising his hand, which I knew meant he was praying his way through it. I was able to stay right with him and hold his hand and legs the entire time. It was a good prayer time for us. 

They gave him steroids in the ER today so he’s hungry. It’s great to see him eating. This morning, he was not doing well. The doctor recognized it right away and that is why we are here in this room right now. Thank you, Jesus. 

They come to get us at about 6 am. Surgery should start at 7. It will last at least 5 hours. We know God will be with him. 

I read him all your posts and messages tonight while we waited for the MRI and he is so touched by everything that is being done for him. We love you all so much and thank God for what He is doing. 

I will probably write a few blog posts while he is in surgery tomorrow. There is so much in my heart to say. So many things that God has shown us and is still showing us. It will help me pass the time while we wait. I haven’t been away from Clay’s side very much at all, so I’m dreading the moment that they take him away. 

I’m reminded of the first scripture God showed me when we began this battle…it is not the horse we ride into battle who saves us. God is our answer. Jesus is our defender. Only God can tell us how many months we have to live. He is in control. 

I told the devil over and over again during the MRI that he will not win. He will not gain ground. He will not defeat us. We will love the Lord no matter what. We will praise Him no matter what. 

The kids and our parents are here and they are all doing really well. Everyone is strong and encouraged. Goodnight. 

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  1. Stephanie Messina dudenhefer says:

    I was a high school classmate of Clay’ s. He was always so kind and friendly. Sending prayers

  2. Gale Robbins says:

    Kristy and clay and family. Love you and praying for each of you every day, all day. It’s so amazing seeing how God is working in your lives. It started with ladies retreat and how God showed me so many things and now how he is using all that you taught us in your life. God is so amazing and wonderful. Praying for clay this morning as he goes into surgery. I know God has this and I can’t wait to hear the outcome. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family as you wait. Love ya.ll.

  3. We are praying & trusting Jehovah Rapha, Christ our Healer… Thank the Lord for His love & Grace sufficient for even this! We are fellow believers at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.
    Woodrow & Cynthia Venable
    3 John 2

  4. Dawn Bueche says:

    As the Bueche family was driving to school this morning thinking about your precious family I was updating the kids on the miracles still be performed and that Mr Clay was having surgery this morning. As we turned onto Flannery at 6:59 I told the kiddos that surgery was scheduled to start in one minute and I started praying again. Wanting to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit fill the car I turned on KLOVE and the First words I heard were “Let them see you in Me”. I burst into tears. At exactly 7:00 the song “Let Them See You” by JJ Weeks Band was playing. WOW … What the perfect theme song for the journey your family is on. I was so overcome with emotion I had to share this special moment with you. The kiddos are proudly wearing their Pray for Clay bracelets, that they pulled money out of their OWN wallets to purchase (Proud Momma moment) . Janece misses her buddy and we pray for your family daily.

    Dawn, Janece and Jakob Bueche

  5. Jean raggio says:

    I look forward to reading your posts everyday as I do my devotional. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you all.

  6. greta zimmerman says:

    Praying with you right now. Praying hard for the Dr’s and team to have perfect ability and wisdom. Jesus is fighting and praying for you ALL. I am humbled by your beautiful blog.