Introducing Our Blog!

May 10, 2016

Today, God sent this angel to my door. I have had several people ask me to start a blog because Facebook is not really the best way to communicate this much information. Well, all I had to do was whisper a prayer that God would help me accomplish this with everything else I have to do today. So, he sent me Beka Burch. She did all the heavy lifting and after just a few hours, we have created this beautiful blog.

Beka, you know I love you. God has given us a special bond. You were my answer to prayer. Thank you so much.

If you like the name of our blog, you should thank Clay’s cousin, Cory Harrington! He sent Clay a text the other day with a very similar tag line. It said something like, “See what God is doing with just a piece of Clay.” I just loved it, so I stole it for our blog name. Thank you, Corey, for all your encouraging words. Clay respects you immensely.

Please share our blog as much as you want. So many of you are writing me and encouraging me to continue to share. Thank you for letting me know what God is doing in your life as He works in and through Clay and me. Keep your stories coming. They are lifting us up right now. We are filled with hope.

Tonight, we are packing for MD Anderson. Our appointment is Thursday, so we are going to take the kids to have some fun. We had a restful day that was filled with more miracles and sweet moments. We love you all! Thank you for your continued prayers.

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  1. Emily Jobe says:

    Yeah!!! So excited to see this happen!!

  2. Kay says:

    Praying for Clay and his family, I don’t really know you, just know who you are from the ball field.
    Your kind Christian spirit shines bright in your demeanor. I personally know that God heals one of three ways, through medical technology and doctors, supernatural and through our hope and faith in Jesus Christ. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine, we have an assurance no matter what everything is going to be alright. Pray for a miracle!

  3. Ashley Signorino says:

    Praying for ya’ll. 🙏🙏

  4. Angie says:

    Love this! How can someone be excited by a blog about a man with an inoperable brain tumor? Because we know God will be showing more of himself through it!!

  5. Debbie Hope says:

    So thankful to God and all his provisions. Continuing to pray for you, Clay and your entire family.

  6. Debby Denton says:

    I have been thinking and sending prayers your way. I do believe that positive thoughts and prayer work!

  7. Tracey Richard says:

    Love your Blog and what an awesome way to have people follow this journey, how long or short (believing for that miracle of being healed) it may be. We know God doesn’t make mistakes, so this is an appointed time that He’s chosen to use Clay. I’m encouraged by how much faith and peace this has brought to so many already. Totally God! No other possible explanation.

  8. Ann Reily says:

    Praying for you Clay and your family.

  9. Darla Furlow says:

    Just wanted you to know we are praying for you as you head to MD Anderson 🙏🏻 Love you Clay and Kristy.Grace,Sam,Ben!!!!

  10. Laurie Jeansonne says:

    We live on the west side of Houston, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all. I would be happy to pass by and visit if your trip is extended.

  11. Stacey Brown says:

    Love and prayers for your entire family!

  12. Brandie Pampell says:

    Love you guys!! We are praying, praying, praying!!!

  13. Glenda guilott says:

    Mercy, LORD !!’

  14. Kathleen Robillard. says:

    I went through this four years ago with my husband, he had stage 4 liver cancer. Without my God I would not have made it through all of this. I am praying for your husband but I am also praying for our loving God to wrap his loving arms around you and your children.

  15. Heather Riley says:

    Donnie and I are continuing to pray for y’all! We love you!

  16. Jane Guy says:

    My name is Jane Guy &I worked with Clay a long time ago at Bank One. He was one of my favorite people there. Please let him know I’m m praying for him & I said that God is bigger than this. He has a plan to use Clay in a mighty way. Love you Clay. Hang in there.

  17. Scooter Trice says:

    Just a small testimony , I have personally seen God in an instant heal blind girl in children’s church and also clean brake of a child’s leg the same day he broke it. I personally have been healed of major back and leg injuries to the point of doctors telling me I would possibly not walk or function with only 50 percent of previous ability. I too was healed instantly of back injury. God is truly alive and will always be on the throne. He is truly in control, Clay you are truly in His hands, and let His will be done. As long as your in His will that is the most perfect place you can be and you will be able see Him do marvelous and wonderful things that only He can do. The Trice family love you guys very much!!!!

  18. Carol Loucks says:

    Dearest Kristy, I read every word of your blog and love the way the Lord shines through everything He is showing you and Clay and the way He lets you know He is with you always. I’m praying, along with all Karen Smiley’s friends in CLS in Houston, that He will touch Clay’s illness with His healing hands and miracles will abound. God has mighty angel armies that go before Him.

    In His grip, Carol Loucks