May 3, 2016

I was sitting in the room. Clay was sleeping. I was trying to catch up on texts and messages. I was crying while I read so many beautiful prayers and notes of love because I feel so humbled and overwhelmed by the love and support we are receiving. We don’t deserve to be loved this way. Then my cousin who lives in Houston walks through the door. He heard the news, got in his truck and drove 4.5 hours just to hug me and Clay. This is just one example of what so many others have already done. I feel like we could conquer anything with Jesus and all of you. Thank you. I love you so much. We will sleep with great peace tonight. Thank you, Jesus.

Andy did everything for me to get registered for MDA. He completed the application for me and called them. While I was taking care of Clay, he was taking care of me. I love you, Andy. Even though you bullied me when we were kids. I guess I have to forgive you, now.



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